Carramar Uniting Church meets each Sunday morning at 9am at St Stephen’s Crescent, St Stephen’s School Primary School Forum, Tapping. Services are being held inside the school.

What to expect

Our Sunday morning service runs about 75 minutes with contemporary music, a children’s time, bible readings, prayers, thought provoking and relevant teaching.

What should I wear?

We are more concerned with meeting your real life needs than what you wear, so come in whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

What about the kids?

  Children from pre-primary to year 6 sit with their parents for the first part of the service before going out to our Kids@Church program, which aligns with the message that the adults hear.

  Church Ministries  

God does change lives. Learn how He is influencing our lifestyle and also why we chose Carramar Uniting Church to be our spiritual home.

Our testimonies

The  Carramar Uniting Church preaches the truth about God and the members of the church are an example to our family.”

Abraham Kennedy
engineer, Joondalup

    “Church is warm, family friendly, people coming together as share their ups and downs of life whilst
learning about God.”

Corretta Robson
a health mentor

The Latest Sermons   

God’s Freedom

The Jesus movement fashioned and still forms churches that cross social boundaries, resulting in a unity in Jesus that the world thinks impossible.

God of Unity and Wholeness

When Christians and the church are divided by rules, doctrinal matters or particular emphasis then we often miss the intention of God of unity and wholeness.

Jesus is our Shepherd

Life is rarely easy. We find ourselves lost and depressed. If we belong to Jesus, he will find us, bind our wounds, and take us to still waters and green pastures.

Disability friendly



 As we meet in the school the worship space is disability friendly with ramps, disabled toilets and the use of microphones. If you need large print words or help with mobility please contact us before you come so that we provide what you need. We seek to be an inclusive church for people of all abilities.

Carramar Uniting Church

Carramar Uniting Church meets each Sunday morning at St Stephen’s Crescent, St Stephen’s School Primary School Forum, Tapping at 9 a.m. Services are held inside the school - please follow signs at the parking lot.

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carramaruniting [at]

Church Secretary

Mr Richard Craig


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