Carramar Uniting Church meets each Sunday morning at 9am at St Stephen’s Crescent, St Stephen’s School Primary School Forum, Tapping.
Developing Disciples
Building a culture of discipleship within the church so that mature disciples, who are able to disciple others are developed.

Jesus called people to follow him, to learn from him and to do the things that he did, that is what discipleship is.

All people who choose to believe in Jesus and who are trying to live the way he showed us are his disciples. Jesus called people from all walks of life, you don’t need any special qualifications just a desire to love God and love one another. After Jesus died and rose again he left his disciples with a task – to tell people about what they were witnesses to, to go and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28: 16 – 20)
That task continues still to this day for all of us who follow Jesus. We are called to grow in our understanding and love of God and to help others do so as well. At Carramar we want to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples. This is a continuous and committed way of life.
We don’t do this alone or in our own strength, God has given us the Holy Spirit who guides, and strengths us as we teach, baptise and help people grow in their own relationship with God. We have a training program which we use to enable everyone to develop their discipleship and to help others to also. This is our calling as Christians. This is discipleship.
Discipleship Groups
We encourage all of our members to be involved in a discipleship group that meets to explore Christian faith, support one another and grow together in Christ.
Lifeshapes Ministry
Lifeshapes are a set of shapes that are helping us to remember and apply the Biblical principles in our lives, helping us to live life better way.
BCM Courses
Baptism, Confirmation and Membership classes are for those people who want to acknowledge publicly what God has been doing in their lives.
Kids@Church/ Youth@Church
Sunday leaders explore the lectionary readings at a level aimed to the children/youth, model how to pray and talk about their faith.
All Age and Creative Worship
We include discussion times, DIY sermon series, all age worship, and the incorporation of Makes You Wonder exercises.
The Walk to Emmaus Ministries
Emmaus weekends are 72 hours retreat where you learn the basics of Christian Discipleship and be surrounded by God.

Jesus showed us that our most important relationship is with God and spending time in prayer and worship focuses our lives upwards.

In our discipleship journey, we need to develop a Christ like character, living life how Jesus did. This involves confirming our decision to be a disciple, reviewing our lifestyle choices so that they align with God’s commands.
Jesus showed us that our most important relationship is with God and spending time in prayer and worship focuses our lives upwards.(Mark 8: 34 – 38 and Matthew 6: 33) Jesus lived life with his disciples, eating, teaching, demonstrating so that these men and women could grow.
For us to do that same we need to be worshiping and meeting together with other people who also are following Jesus. This focuses our life inwards with others.All through Jesus life he had compassion and served people at their point of need. He healed, talked to, included people who were rejected by others. As Christians, our outward focus to the people in need in our community is the expression of our love for God and for one another.
Developing Disciples
Through the emphasis on discipleship and spiritual growth we want to establish the practice and culture that:

  • the majority of active church members are involved in a small group, led by a lay person and that these groups will start to share life together, develop a clear mission vision and become involved in mission outreach.
  • that the key leadership team will learn simple reproducible discipleship tools (life shapes) through one on one mentoring and/or small group training, initially by the minister.

Our hope is that these outcomes will lead to Carramar developing more mature disciples who can make disciples, who can make disciples.

We are here for you

If you are seeking out a church to belong to or have questions about faith in Christ then we are here for you. 

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Carramar Uniting Church meets each Sunday morning at St Stephen’s Crescent, St Stephen’s School Primary School Forum, Tapping at 9 a.m. Services are held inside the school - please follow signs at the parking lot.

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