And Jesus…. was led by the Spirit in the wilderness

God has a purpose for the wilderness, not that we shall stay there, but that we shall move through it and, in doing so, experience new faith, new hope, new love.

Who, where, what, why

We need the transfiguration because it breaks our idolatrous and self-serving ideas of Jesus and brings us back to the jaw-dropping, breathtaking truth of Jesus.

Good News Bad News

Vested interests will often prefer a Christianity that will leave the status quo as it is and focus only on the world to come.

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If you are seeking out a church to belong to or have questions about faith in Christ then we are here for you.

Carramar Uniting Church meets each Sunday morning at St Stephen’s Crescent, St Stephen’s School Primary School Forum, Tapping at 9 a.m. Services are held inside the school - please follow signs at the parking lot.

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Rev Narelle Collas

0481 563 882 (Mobile)

9306 7191 (Office)

Church Secretary

Mr Richard Craig


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