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We are seeking by God’s grace to be a welcoming and inclusive community, following Jesus example Reach up in worship and faithfulness Reach in to support and grow together Reach out in compassion and service Learn about our purpose, identity, mission and logo.

Our Purpose

Our main purpose as a church is to see people come to and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We meet together to encourage each other in our Christian faith journey. We reach out to our community so that they can see the love that our amazing God has for them and God’s desire for them to be reconciled to a loving relationship with him.

Our Logo

The dark black circle represents the darkness of the world. The white cross – The cross of Jesus Christ, in its light and love, redeems the world through grace and truth. The red dove – The dove with wings of flame represents the Holy Spirit which empowers and guides us to be witnesses.

Our Identity

Carramar Uniting Church is a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA).The UCA was formed in 1977 by the coming together of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches. The missional and ecumenical vision of the UCA is articulated in The Basis of Union (link to PDF document – 1992 Edition)

The Synod of Western Australia

Within Western Australia, the Presbytery and Synod of Western Australia serve an area of two million square kilometres. The Synod of WA covers most of the state of Western Australia and is the legal and administrative body of the church. Each week in Western Australia, more than 155 congregations and faith communities worship with families, singles, children, youth and the elderly; in small or large gatherings; in rural or urban settings; culturally specific or diverse. Worship styles vary from the traditional to the contemporary, with small groups sharing faith in homes, schools or centres of care.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is one of the sacraments of the Christian Church – a practice that remembers a special meal that Jesus shared with his friends and followers.

Through Holy Communion we celebrate the presence of Jesus with us, and his life, death and resurrection. In the Uniting Church everyone is welcome to participate in Holy Communion, regardless of their age.

We would hope that you will feel welcome in this special time. If you have been to Holy Communion in another church, you may discover that we do some things differently here – there are many different ways to share communion.

Our Church Council

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If you are seeking out a church to belong to or have questions about faith in Christ then we are here for you.

Carramar Uniting Church meets each Sunday morning at St Stephen’s Crescent, St Stephen’s School Primary School Forum, Tapping at 9 a.m. Services are held inside the school - please follow signs at the parking lot.

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carramaruniting [at] gmail.com

Church Secretary

Mr Richard Craig


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