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Our young people at high school gather once a month to cook, chomp and chat about school, life and how Jesus can be part of that.

Kairos is an interdenominational ministry to people in prison, to their families and those who work with them. Kairos in Western Australia runs a Christian program with men in Acacia Prison once a year and follow up once a month with visits to the prison for bible study with those men.

Kairos Outside is a free weekend for women who have been impacted by the justice system, i.e. they have or have had a family member incarnated. This is wonderful weekend where the women are loved and accepted. They hear stories from other women who are travelling a similar road. It is often said by those in prison “We do the crime, but the family does the time”.

Kairos prison ministry is an offshoot of the Walk to Emmaus Movement. Carramar has been involved with Kairos for many years. Some of our members are on the national and state boards and others have served on the teams that have gone into the prison and with the Kairos Outside weekends. In 2016 we ran a very successful Grand High Tea to raise money and awareness of Kairos Outside.



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