Developing Disciples

Lifeshapes and 3DM

Lifeshapes are a set of shapes that help us to remember and apply Biblical principles in our lives, helping us to live life better.

Our leadership are being trained in huddles and we are planning on attending a learning community with other churches also implementing the 3dm discipleship material.

In Jesus’ day, teaching was based on the oral tradition. People learned through storytelling and verbal teaching rather than reading texts. Today’s generation is visually oriented. Trying to convey aspects of discipleship through lists, principles and phrases does not work in our time. But Lifeshapes provides a simple but powerful way to help people learn and to remember the principles of the Jesus-driven life.

Eight key concepts will make each disciple a life-long learner of the faith. Disciples get a strong framework for truth, enabling them to build biblical principles into every aspect of their lives and to grow together in authentic community.

Lifeshapes equips the believer for Kingdom life by connecting the discipleship principles of Jesus to memorable images—eight geometric shapes. It involves a new vocabulary that expresses the theology and daily life of a disciple of Jesus, painting a clear picture through which individuals can gain a greater understanding of what God intends to do in their personal lives, in the church, and in the world.

One of the tools for developing disciples we are using are the Life Shapes designed by Mike Breen in “Building a Discipling Culture”.



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