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Our international mission activities involve supporting two worthwhile projects who are already working on the ground in India and Liberia.

Village artisan have been working with a rural community in North India for over 16 years. They responded to the poverty, lack of employment, healthcare and school and the trafficking of the young men and women within the community by establishing a project where the community members are trained to produce beautiful handcrafted products. These products are then sold throughout the world through their website and pop up shops.

Sixteen years since the birth of Village Artisan, over 100 artisans are earning a living wage through dignified work in a caring community. Once impoverished families now have access to proper food and education – for many it’s the first generation to go to school. Water pumps installed in homes provide cleaner water. A full time nurse for medical care saves lives once destroyed by diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. Cement floors bring improved hygiene.
You can support this project by purchasing the unique, fair trade, ethical, sustainable and individual products through the website or by attending one of the pop up shops.


Mercy Care Members of our congregation know first-hand what it is like to flee your country and be refugees in need of a place to call home. Following the civil war within Liberia in the 1990’s the country is trying to establish it’s self again. Many of the people are very poor and lack the basic necessities of life – clean water, a decent shelter and health care. Mercy and Abraham have established a charity called Mercy Care which is helping a small community near Monvrovia. The church supports financially this mission to the Gio Island Community



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